Musculoskeletal health and maintenance

We’ve all heard the saying “prevention is better than cure” and it’s the same for our pets! Inevitably small injuries, general wear and tear and poor posture can cause long term musculoskeletal compensations in the future, which can result in pain and potentially osteoarthritis. But as pet owners, how can we maintain our furry friends’ musculoskeletal health for as long as possible?

Easing aches and pains

Our day to day lives can cause small aches and pains that affect our comfort, and it’s the same for our pets. Animals often disguise pain and discomfort very well, so it can be difficult to know if they’re not feeling 100%. We all love a massage, and trust me – they do too! Regular body work throughout the year helps to ease any muscle tension your animal may exhibit, and works to keep your pet more comfortable on a daily basis.

Regular musculoskeletal check ups

Before every treatment your pet’s musculoskeletal health will be assessed from nose to tail!  This is essential for ensuring that the right areas are being targeted, but it also means that small niggles or concerns could potentially be spotted before they become a bigger issue. Much like the preventative medicine prescribed by your vet, regular musculoskeletal assessments can pick up on issues that may otherwise go undetected. If I am happy that your pet has shown no deterioration, I will treat any problem areas as initially planned. However, if I notice any concerning changes I am able to provide a detailed report for your vet and can work closely with them to get yours pets feeling great again!

Weight management

No matter how old your pet is, weight management is essential for keeping them healthy! At Better Pet I can work closely with you to tailor an exercise plan to help your pet stay in top condition. If your pet is struggling to shift the extra weight, I can work closely with your vet to implement the right strategies for them.

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